Russian scientists linking 2,000,000 American deaths to use of GMO crops

The following excerpt is from a European Union Times story from April 17th:

“A most chilling report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Science for Prime Minister Putin states that a “mysterious die-off” in the United States has claimed over 2,000,000 lives since 2008 and is “more than likely” linked to a “crossover” plant disease linked to genetically modified grains and foods.

According to these reports this mysterious, and as yet unidentified, lung disease responsible for this mass die-off began during the spring of 2008 in the US agricultural State of Iowa where (very ironically) at least 36 people attending a Lung Association event at the Governors mansion were stricken.

Important to note about Iowa is that it is one of the largest corn producing regions in the World harvesting over 2 billon bushels of this valuable grain farmed on nearly 32 million acres of its farmland,  over 99% of which are genetically modified varieties made by the US agricultural giant Monsanto and idententifeid by their trade names of Mon 863, insecticide-producing Mon 810, and Roundup® herbicide-absorbing NK 603.

Not reported to the American people about these genetically modified corn varieties made by Monsanto was the study released by the International Journal of Biological Sciences warning that they were linked to organ damage.  Monsanto quickly responded to this study, stating that the research was “based on faulty analytical methods and reasoning and do not call into question the safety findings for these products.”…”

Read it all here.

In times past we’d have dismissed this as communist propaganda. But these days it’s becoming less clear which country is communist and which allows more liberty? Sadly, it’s looking like America is no longer in the forefront when it comes to personal freedoms. Corporate freedoms, maybe….


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3 responses to “Russian scientists linking 2,000,000 American deaths to use of GMO crops

  1. Milkmen USA

    This story takes our breaths away. And it just may do that one day. Our advice; “watch your backs.” Watch each other’s backs now before it is too late.

    See this month’s news article in major food magazine called “Edible Hudson Valley.” A New York Magazine talks about conscientiously feeding our families. The article is titled, “The Raw Deal” – Raw Milk is bringing new opportunity to some Hudson Valley dairy farmers. By Ann Dailey.

    This Wednesday, in Bethel, Connecticut, David Gumpert signs books and talks at Molten Java Cafe, 102 Greenwood Avenue, Bethel, CT. You see, we publicize our meetings and make it available for knowledge to all people, even the government. Do they do this for us? No, they have secret meetings and secret “societies.” They vote and pass bills before we catch on. Another David Gumpert book signing this week, Thursday, April 22 at University of Connecticut, Co-Op and Bookstore, 2075 Hillside Road, Storrs, CT. Call 860-486-5027 for more information.

    Hope to see you there. Our government, “For the people” will be there, we are sure.

    We urge you to contact your local State Representatives and Senators. Make them more aware, educate them. They are not all bad. The bad ones need to be voted out and shown to the door.

    Thank you.

    The Milkmen USA

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