“Raw milk gets you in the mooood!”

Raw milk advertising at Santa Monica Farmers Market

Raw milk advertising at what looks to be the Organic Pastures table at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market in California. It says "Have better sex. Drink raw milk". iphone photo by Kozyndan, on Flickr

It seems the latest buzz in the raw milk community is over the reputed sexual applications of the stuff. Organic Pastures’ Mark McAfee in comments on the Complete Patient blog recently suggested that many of his customers found that drinking raw milk improved their sexual performance and said some customers have asked pointedly about the lubricative qualities of raw cream  for external, sexually-related, application.

This meme has generated a lot of excitement in the comments section of the Complete Patient and has now spawned a post on the Haphazard Gourmet Girls’ blog dedicated to coming up with catchy advertising slogans to promote the sexual benefits of raw milk use. As of this morning, that post has attracted 25 comments, many with slogan suggestions. The title of our post today was  a slogan suggested by “Sandman” —  one of the least X-rated.  Meanwhile over on the Complete Patient blog, David E. Gumpert has commented further on the situation: (warning: provocative pictures to follow)

“Now, if Mark McAfee can just tell us how much raw milk and cream correlate with how much Viagra…Talk about a

This seems to be an ad for milk.

This seems to be an ad for milk.

wonderful way to get the regulators and raw milk producers on the same page. (If you can’t figure what I’m talking about, take a look at the comments following my previous post, wherein Mark discusses how raw milk helps porn stars perform like…porn stars, and An Observer, Amanda, and Concerned Person pour gasoline on the fire.)…”

And then Mark McAfee said (in a comment following the same post):

“I am blushing!!

One thing is for sure….Americans like to talk about our sexuality. Perhaps we can now enjoy some sexual functionality by allowing raw milk and other whole foods to be a part of our lives and diets…..”

“Humor is a great thing….nutrition and humor is even better. Nutrition, humor and sexuality….sounds like that combination takes the prize completely. …”

Could this be the breakthrough into mass awareness that raw milk needs to crack that “100th monkey” threshold to broader public awareness? It’s really only a minority of people who pay attention to their health, but just about everybody cares about sex, so if we can cement that connection in the public mind, raw milk could be well on its way to the fame and fortune it so richly deserves.

photo of Josie Maran by Terry Richardson

"...the most delicious milk I've ever tasted." photo of Josie Maran by Terry Richardson

Of course sexual performance and sexual fertility follow quite naturally from health. See Pottenger’s cat experiment for evidence of how a sub-optimal diet can lead to infertility over several generations.

So what does supermodel and actress Josie Maran have to say about her experience drinking raw milk while posing for the picture (above)?  “I was grossed out at first, but it was the most delicious milk I’d ever tasted – fresh and warm.” For more on Josie and the photo, read the second and third articles down on this page. Warning: includes some racy stuff.

And just for contrast, here’s a not-so-tasty example of sex being used to sell pasteurized milk.


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7 responses to ““Raw milk gets you in the mooood!”

  1. Hi! That last ad you ref is really reprehensible. The Calif Milk Board has been running this absurd series with a white guy and two black girls that is somewhat disconcerting; they’re faux rock stars and are being virally marketed…very sexual and meant to be oddly transgressive, but sort of lame in the end. You don’t actually know it’s about milk until the end of the vid spot. It’s the “Liquid Gold Campaign.”

    Do think maybe raw milk & sex is the 100th monkey…Mark M’s very happy about it. Wonder if the claims for “bone health” are true? That yo tomo pic is wild—had to stare at it for a while before the image came into focus.
    Hope you’re well! Eddie

  2. Winifred

    i find this image distateful. i am disappointed that bovine considers it worthy to be posted. it isn’t.

  3. thebovine

    W, if you don’t like it, maybe it offends other people too, so it’s now removed.

    Later note: Actually now I’ve put it back, but in a nicer version, below the “fold” as it were, with a warning label beside the “read more” link. Hope that’s fine with everyone. I must say I like the full version of this photo so much better than the tightly cropped (and slightly stretched) version I had here before. And I do like the photo. Even if Maybelline did slap Josie’s wrist for getting raw milk all over that nice lipstick.

    Remember: interpretations are in the mind of the beholders.

  4. thebovine

    From Josie Maran World, from an article about Josie in Gene Simmons’ TONGUE, dated 2002:

    “The sight of moo juice dripping from Maran’s pretty chin was more than Maybelline was willing to swallow. “That campaign definitely caused some drama in my life,” she says. “Maybelline would like me to keep myself contained and ladylike and they’re right. They let me get away with a smack on the wrist and I respect that very much. My mother keeps telling me to think before I do or say something, and make sure it’s what I really want to project. I’m definitely learning.”

  5. Pingback: Cafe Mom blog “Stir” calls raw milk “the sexy bad boy of the dairy industry” « The Bovine

  6. Yola

    I would have to agree that image is distasteful. Good grief, does everything have to be to sexualized?? And I would hardly say it is “in the eys of the beholder”…you would have to be blind not to see the sexualization behing this photo.
    Just my thoughts. Otherwise, thanks for great articles!~

  7. karthi

    raw milk gives good sex power i have experience in that.

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