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Zombie health bill C-6 returns as C-36

Dee Nicholson writes for the National Health Federation:

One of the prettier pictures from the Toronto Zombie Walk. Click pic for source and more pictures

Battle-worn health freedom activists waited six months for the shoe to drop, knowing full well that at any moment, their latest nemesis, the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act called C-6, might reappear. Continue reading

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Raw milk operator waits for judge’s final decision — Chilliwack Times

Paul J. Henderson, from the Chilliwack Times

Former agister Alice Jongerden with Felicity at "Our Cows" (formerly "Home on the Range") farm

“Fraser Health will wait for a B.C. Supreme Court judge’s decision on whether the former operator of a Chilliwack raw milk dairy is in contempt of court before the public health body tries to shut down the new incarnation of the dairy. Continue reading


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