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Northern Health tries to shut down Hunny-Do Ranch raw milk cowshare near Prince George, British Columbia

We heard about this story from Gordon Watson. Here’s what he said: “Lesley McConnachie is the agister for a cowshare in Hixon, [which is in northern] British Columbia.  This weekend she got some good coverage in the Prince George Citizen newspaper.”  From the “Carpe Diem Acreage” blog in Northern British Columbia:

Hunny Do Ranch cowshare is the latest target of B.C. regulators, in this case Northern Health

“I had planned on a completely different blog post for today; that was until I saw this morning’s local newspaper with the following story. I will let you read it first and I’ll put in my 2 cents worth after….

Milk battle on between owners, Northern Health
October 22, 2010, Bernice Trick, [Prince George] Citizen staffA group of milk-cow owners in Hixon is fighting Northern Health for the right to consume the milk they produce, despite it being unpasteurized. Continue reading


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