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Ex-Liberal Bruce Power candidate wins Grey Bruce Owen Sound Conservative nomination over Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt reports on the outcome of last night’s nomination meeting for the Grey Bruce Owen Sound riding of the Progressive Conservatives:

Bill Walker, the liberal from Bruce Power won the Conservative nomination.

“There is a lot to be said about the way we nominate people into positions to run for a party.

I have reflected many times about vote-buying in previous posts and experienced it myself several times first hand. It became so clear in lasts nights display of lack of true leadership.

As I wrote before, looking at the concept of party loyalty Mark Wunderlich should have been the man to be chosen. He got badly shafted for someone who was not a conservative and still is a liberal when you listen to his speech and concepts.

The question of political skills, charisma, and visionary leadership, had no room and value for many of the people in attendance .

The danger of this situation is the credibility and integrity of the whole party. I have no answers for that dilemma. Continue reading


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Rawsome raid featured on The Colbert Report television news comedy show

So that’s why we’re suddenly getting massive traffic from searches for “Rawsome Raid”. From David E. Gumpert’s The Complete Patient blog:

Stephen Colbert. Photo via Photoshelter

“There was a very cute “report” on the Rawesome Food Club raid and raw milk on The Colbert Report. It’s a comedy show, so they had to make it sound funny–out-of-control government, chuckle-chuckle on the “Raw”–but the seriousness did come through when they showed the actual footage of the raiders with their guns drawn June 30. Hard to escape reality.

I’ll give David Acheson, the former head of food safety at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, credit for being the straight man in allowing himself to be interviewed, and skewered. Continue reading


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Michael Schmidt’s last campaign speech for the Progressive Conservative party nomination in Grey Bruce Owen Sound

Reprinted from Michael Schmidt’s “Reflections of a Candidate” blog. Send Michael your best wishes for a favourable outcome at the nomination meeting.

Raw milk farmer and political candidate Michael Schmidt -- outstanding in his many fields!

It is indeed an honor to be up here and speak to the festive occasion or confusion of this democratic process to nominate the next Progressive Conservative Candidate to replace Bill Murdock. Continue reading


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All we are saying is “give meat a chance”

Here’s a terrific story by Todd Caldecott, from Urban Diner, a fine guide to eating and drinking in B.C.

Picture via Todd Caldicott's Urban Diner blog

If any food could be said to define the evolution of the human species, it must surely be meat. Continue reading

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