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The end of our farm [the TLC Ranch]

Rebecca and Jim, of the TLC Ranch, in California, on why they’re throwing in the towel:

Rebecca. Photo via hers and Jim's "Honest Meat" blog

“It was already too late for my family farm when I threw out that challenge for you all to put your money where you mouth is and support a radical transformation of the food system (So You Say You Want A Food Revolution?).  We decided back in August after a particularly stressful morning discussion on where we might be able to find land to rent that we simply could not do this anymore. After six years of pushing a boulder uphill, trailblazing pastured production before it became so well known, farming without money or family land, in one of the most expensive areas of the country, we are throwing in the farming towel. Continue reading

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Cowshare College with Michael Schmidt this Saturday October 23rd in Durham

Learn the art of cowshare farming from the master, Michael Schmidt:

Touring the barn at Glencolton Farms with Michael Schmidt and David E. Gumpert

Michael Schmidt will lead the workshop and topics to be covered include the biology, safe production and handling of raw milk; the legal framework currently required for a cowshare program; and developing, maintaining and managing cowshare member relationships. Continue reading


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Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt back in court Thursday Oct. 21st to argue a motion related to the Province’s appeal

This just in from Michael Schmidt:

Cowshare members and friends make their way to the same courthouse in Newmarket back in 2008 for an earlier round in the ongoing saga in quest of legal recognition for raw milk farming in Ontario.

Thursday we will be back in court this time here in Ontario to argue a motion to expand our arguments in the upcoming appeal hearing regarding Paul Kowarsky’s  raw milk ruling. Continue reading

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