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Raw milk, politics, Michael Schmidt and the over-regulation of food production in Canada

Gordon M. MacDonald’s latest column in the Owen Sound Sun Times newspaper:

Welcome back from a delightful summer….weather- wise.  We continue our “Total Health” Column, with emphasis on food selection, the need for some supplementation but most of all,  our nutrition guide for good health. Let’s all support the local markets.

I have written a number of letters that appeared in several newspapers defending Michael Schmidt (let’s call him the raw milk guru) in his efforts to legally produce and distribute raw milk.  His perseverance and tenacity has resulted in his favour in the courts.  Thank goodness!  But hold on – an appeal by the representatives of the Government controlling the dairy industry continues to fight the little guy. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt speaking in New York along with Philippine candidate for president Nicanor Perlas

This just in from Michael Schmidt, from the Biodynamic conference in progress this weekend in Spring Valley, NY:

Nicanor Perlas with Michael Schmidt

Michael says: ” Growing the food revolution. Nicanar Perlas former candidate for the last presidential election in the Phillipines and I have been key note speakers at the national conference New York. Raising the awarness among young people that action with purpose and no fear will initiate change.”


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NZ company markets “Sleep Time” A1A1 milk with BCM7 opiode effect

This is from a May 2010 blog post by Keith Woodford, author of the book “Devil in the Milk“, which is about the health issues surrounding A1 milk, and the advantages of A2 milk. In this post he reports on a company marketing a product designed to enhance and build on A1 milk’s morphine-like properties. They market it as “Sleep Time Milk”, so far only in Singapore. Here is an excerpt from Keith’s post titled: “Sleep Time Milk and BCM7“:

Guy Wills, Somnaceutics CEO (fourth from left) and Graeme Clegg, New Image Chairman (fifth from left) at the Taiwanese launch of Sleeptime last month. Picture from the Somnaceutics website.

“In recent days some media have been reporting on a new product called ‘sleeptime milk’. So far it is only being marketed in Taiwan where, according to New Zealand marketer New Image Group, they have been “stunned” by consumer interest. Continue reading


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The only A2 A2 dairy herd in California?

From the website of the [link removed for now]

”]“We are a small family farm just north of [town name removed]. We originally sought our first cow to nourish our young boys [names removed for now] with healthy milk. Continue reading


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Raw milk war — now it’s “nationwide”

This report from The Valley Voice subtitled “Elixir or Toxin? Crying over spilled milk — 75 gallons a day of it” is one of the more comprehensive updates on what’s been going down with raw milk in the B.C. town of Chilliwack recently. Here’s an excerpt:

Michael Schmidt (L) and Alice Jongerden from Home on the Range Dairy hoist a glass of milk to toast FHA in front of the office on Menholm Ave. Tuesday. Staff/Voice photo

“Got milk? Ontario milk activist Michael Schmidt does. He’s got 75-gallons of pure unpasteurized milk a day to deal with that he’s prepared to pour it down Fraser Health’s throat after picking up the fight to consume raw milk where Home on the Range agister, Alice Jongerden, left off. Continue reading

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