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Michael Schmidt visits the “Our Cows” raw milk farming team in Chilliwack

As part of his recent visit to the west coast of Canada to take part in the court proceedings concerning Alice Jongerden, Michael also visited the farm that’s at the centre of all the controversy, formerly known as “Home on the Range” and now as “Our Cows”, as well as taking time to meet with the people involved in running that enterprise. Michael sends this photo and report:

The "Our Cows" team: Michael, Felicity, Sui, Tyla, David

My day in BC is focused on trying to bring some sense of security and direction into the operation. Fraser health authority created chaos confusion and uncertainty amongst the hardworking members of our cow share. Alice and her family has created such a strong community of faithful cow share members. Continue reading


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H1N1 vaccine which only last year was recommended for pregnant women is now blamed for many miscarriages

From a recent post on the Socio-Economics History blog:

“I told you not to take the H1N1 vaccine last year! Vaccines are used as a method of depopulation and many vaccines cause sterility. The Illuminati ruling elite has an ongoing depopulation plan. Fact or fiction? You decide. I strongly recommend you avoid all flu vaccines. Try Vitamin D and lots of sunshine instead ! Continue reading

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