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“Why I drink raw milk…”

Paul Williams, writing on the Liberation Wellness website:

Picture of raw milk above from Bodyearth.net

“I drink raw milk. I get it from a guy I know who is passionate about the raw milk movement. He has a small, but growing herd of Jersey cows. He’s not certified organic, but he doesn’t use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers on his pastures. For many ordinary people, the thought of drinking raw milk is out of the question–they think it’s dangerous. The reason is because scientists, doctors and public health officials tell them so and they don’t question these authority figures. Continue reading


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Got Raw? — raw milk attracts devoted following in Wyoming

From the Trib.com, Wyoming’s Online News Source, a story from October 25, 2010 by Star-Tribune staff writer Joshua Wolfson:

Maureen Tescher milks Honey, a cow belonging to her friend, Ginger Barrett, in mid-October at her home west of Casper. Tescher and Barrett use the raw milk to drink and for making all of the dairy products. (Kerry Huller/Star-Tribune)

“The goats produce more milk than Bob Evans can use, so he feeds the overflow to his chickens. Continue reading

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