Why milk sales have been declining?

They’re calling it “mutant milk”. These folks either don’t KNOW the difference between raw and pasteurized milk OR they don’t CARE. Always interesting to see what folks are saying about milk:

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One response to “Why milk sales have been declining?

  1. in 2001, Robert Cohen spoke to at the Vancouver Library, hosted by Earthsave. At the end of his presentation I asked him if he’d admit that there is a qualitative difference between ‘homo milk’ versus REAL MILK, which I defined as whole fresh pure raw milk, from healthy cows.
    Grudgingly, he agreed that there is a difference. But had to add that ‘humans ought not to be drinking milk anyway’. Mr Cohen’s ulterior motive is not merely to run milk out of the marketplace … it’s to further the ‘global climate change’ hoax, by imputing absurd ‘carbon footprint’ costs, to dairy farming. Cohen et al. are fighting a rear-guard action, on the losing side of an equation in which, as former vegetarians/vegans discover REAL MILK, their bodies are delighted, telling them = “this is what you’ve been missing”
    legal nonsense aside ; the way we prevail in this political battle is to make more REAL MILK available

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