The black market for raw milk keeps growing in Canada — CTV Edmonton

Found this while looking to see if anyone else was reporting on the recent incident near Edmonton involving police and the wife of a raw milk agister. This is by Jennifer Tryon, CTV Food Specialist:

Image from CTV Edmonton website

‘A dark shadow is being cast over the food that gives us life. CTV News has uncovered a growing underground of illegal, unpasteurized milk.

“What we’re providing is milk at its purest,” says one raw milk farmer, who only agreed to be interviewed if his identity is concealed.

According to a government document, a quarter of a million Canadians drink unpasteurized milk. The farmer interviewed by CTV News says the demand is high. Some customers travel more than 200 kilometres to buy his illegal milk.

“I would say [customers] beg for the milk. It’s not even asking. They beg for the milk.”

The farmer says he sells 95 per cent of his product to people in the city. The other five per cent is made up of those who are ill and chefs, who he says use unpasteurized milk in their dishes to increase taste and quality.

Farmers that sell unpasteurized milk or give it away can face fines up to $250,000, and up to three years in jail. However, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency says they’ll only investigate if there’s a complaint or someone gets sick.

“We would never turn a blind eye to anything that would be against an act or a regulation,” says Jim Muir, of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. “Again we act upon if there is going to be an outbreak or sickness we’d take the appropriate action and if there’s a complaint.”…”

“….Kathleen Carpentier says she wants all-natural milk products.

“Raw milk is nutrient dense and it’s like liquid gold — it’s just precious,” says Carpentier. “If people were to know and understand the virtue of raw milk … it would be an easy choice for them to choose for the nutrition of their family.

“It just seems absurd to me that something as basic as selling raw milk would be thought of as illegal.”

Under the law, only the owner of the cow can drink its milk unpasteurized. Carpentier drinks the milk legally. But she also feeds it to her children.

“My children won’t drink [store bought] milk any more. It just tastes too weird to them. It doesn’t have the same freshness and flavour of raw milk.”

Technically, giving away raw milk, even to family members, is illegal.

“In my heart, I know that what I’m providing for my family is nutritious and delicious and it’s full of raw enzymes — which is something we never have in our diets.”

Overprocessing, she says, is too common in Canada.

“When it’s six or seven days before it gets back to the consumer from the farm and they still give you a two-week shelf life, what does that tell you? There’s not much food value in it. It’s dead,” says one Manitoba milk farmer, who has stopped distributing raw milk.

“I wouldn’t want to be persecuted for it. [But] I don’t think it’s fair.”….”

Timely as it seems today, this story is from back in 2002; Read it all here on the CTV website.


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2 responses to “The black market for raw milk keeps growing in Canada — CTV Edmonton

  1. Michael

    The underground farmer interviewed at that time was me

  2. Ariana

    BS. People drank milk before any regulations and pasteurization came around. And they were healthy and very well. I cannot stand pasteurized milk with added antibiotics and other stuff. Sorry. I don’t drink milk from the store period it’s tasteless and the texture is gross. Only those who have never had real milk still buy it. I’d give an arm for some raw milk. Oh boy, it’s haven.

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